Year 2: 2018-2019 Goals

  • Expanding the behavioral health care workforce.
    • Graduation (May 9th, 2019): The Counselor Education and School Psychology programs graduated 10 clinical mental health counseling, 6 school counseling, 9 school psychology student interns from their respective programs.
    • Internship Stipends: Supported 29 interns with the BHWET 2017 Grant funding.
    • Federally Qualifying Healthcare Centers (FQHC): Established partnerships with three FQHC’s in New Hampshire to support clinical mental health counseling interns’ training in substance use and opioid use disorders, and medication-assisted treatment.
    • Program Group Interviews: Four group interviews were held this year to recruit potential students and discuss grant opportunities.
  • Providing inter-professional training and integration of care among behavioral health and primary care providers.
    • Opioids: Whole-Person Approaches to Treatment and Recovery training presented by Dr. Charles Atkins. This event provided training to 125 PSU students and faculty, and local and regional community professionals.
  • Catch the Wave: Supervision in an Era of Integrated Care workshop: Integrated behavioral health supervision training for healthcare professionals throughout New Hampshire (26 participants).
    • Providing inter-professional training and integration of care among behavioral health and primary care providers Crisis Prevention Intervention and Response Training Workshops. These workshops served 27 Master’s-level School Counseling and School Psychology students as well as professionals, faculty, and undergraduate students.

PREPaRE 2018

  • Support for students and faculty to attend local, regional, and national conferences. Conferences attended:
    • New Hampshire School Counseling Association Annual Conference
    • New Hampshire Association of School Psychologists Fall and Spring Conferences
    • Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Conference
    • National Association of School Psychologists Annual Conference
    • Evidence-Based School Counseling Conference
    • American Counselor Association Annual Conference
    • American School Counseling Association Annual Conference
    • Additional conferences selected by individual students and faculty
    • Special Topics course offered in advanced cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Increasing the Supervisory Workforce.
    • 5th Annual Supervision Institute Training: Two-day supervisor training presented by national speakers for school psychology, school counseling, and clinical mental health counseling professionals to expand workforce development and training opportunities for our students during internship (29 participants).
  • Providing parent/ Caregiver supportive training.
  • Developing and supporting an interdisciplinary core model to address substance misuse in New Hampshire.
    • Supported students in faculty attending NARACES conference and a conference on opioid use.
  • Providing quality integrated behavioral and primary care for refugees.
    • True Blue You: A youth theatre performance, sponsored by Plymouth State University, involving local youth and refugee populations with school counseling and school psychology students and faculty involved in-group processing with the youth participants (52 children participated).
  • Peace Child: an original, educational musical theater performance experience exploring the concepts of peace and different ways to develop bridges to peace and understanding between three different religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam). 49 children and 125 adults participated in the PSU community.

Project Leadership: Project Co-Directors/Managers: Trish Lindberg, Cynthia Waltman, and Kristina Lind

In 2018, Peace Child incorporated music created and taught by William Ogmundson, movement choreographed by Darren Biggart, and artwork developed and facilitated by Timm Judas and Stacey Lucas, as well as the writings of hundreds of children throughout New Hampshire. The PSU professors, guest artists, and the Kids4Peace staff were assisted in their efforts by Integrated Arts, Education, Counselor Education, and School Psychology, and Social Work majors through coursework and elected participation in the Cluster project.

This project satisfies the Mission and Vision of PSU by offering collaboration across the disciples of Education, Counselor Education and School Psychology, Social Work, and the Arts. It seeks to transform faculty, students, and the community through an exploration of peacemaking, conflict resolution, and the arts. By partnering with Kids4Peace, Plymouth Parks and Recreation, as well as the Flying MonkeyPerformance Center and Movie House, as well as local children in grades 3-8, “Peace Child” will have an impact beyond PSU. Teaching and practicing innovation in diverse and experiential projects that are interdisciplinary and integrated will impact society by giving an opportunity for faculty, PSU students, guest artists, and young people the chance to develop their entrepreneurial spirit, their ability to tolerate ambiguity, and their imagination and creativity. The need of local parents for high-quality educational experiences during the summer is also a driver for this project. This can serve as a model for future projects of this nature, integrating arts and a variety of social issues.

The project advances PSU’s Education, Democracy and Social Change Mission and Vision by telling the story of peacemaking through making many things including a variety of art projects, music, movement, and in the end, a collaborative theatrical performance. By incorporating an understanding of conflict resolution and peacemaking, participants will gain valuable insight and skills they will be able to bring into their everyday life. The final performance allows the entire community to share in the creation and reception of our project. High impact teaching and learning, cross-disciplinary collaboration, student engagement/partnership involvement, and real-world problem exploration are embedded throughout this experiential Cluster Project in a wide variety of ways including participation in developing and disseminating knowledge about conflict resolution and peacemaking, visual art interpretation and creation associated with the topic of peace, and the process of developing, rehearsing and performing an original musical production. “Peace Child” will enable faculty, PSU students, guest artists, and elementary children to engage together in the creative learning process.

  • Supporting interns working in prison settings to increase quality behavioral health services.
  • Implementing comprehensive social-emotional learning program in New Hampshire schools.
    • The Devereux Students Strengths Assessment (DESSA) was offered in 7 schools, aiding 1315 students.
  • Collaborating with New Hampshire universities to create a databank of New Hampshire Stakeholders (i.e., individuals, communities, grant recipients, and agencies) who are involved in supporting behavioral health in New Hampshire.
  • Educating program interns on using an integrative system of care approach in their professions.
    • Building Bridges Between Disciplines: Education and Collaboration Across the State workshop: Providing integrated behavioral health education to students from programs in clinical mental health counseling, school counseling, school psychology, nursing, social work, occupational therapy across four New Hampshire universities and colleges.

Open Recovery Meetings for the PSU Collegiate Recovery Community

Fall Kickoff 2018 “Human Trafficking: Research and Prevention in New Hampshire”

This annual Fall Kickoff event included 170 participants, 80 of which were non-students.